Let's Go to China! - one-hour workshops or full-day program


     Patricia and a partner will come all day to demonstrate and lead your audience through 5000 years of the world's oldest continuous living civilization.  The program includes authentic artifacts, games and hands-on participation.  

     Patricia's partner is a professional traditional dancer and instructor who runs her own dance school in Fuzhou, China.  Both will come in authentic clothing.

     The day starts off with an assembly for the entire group.  Elements include:

  • Assembly covers history, geography, The Great Wall and inventions

     The group will then split into two smaller ones to participate in;

  • Language - learning how to understand,  speak, read and write words, simple phrases and numbers using Chinese characters
  • Dance - learn how to do the famous traditional ribbon dance
  • Sericulture - the cultivation of silk
  • Music - traditional Chinese instruments are played and shown
  • Craft - participants will make a Chinese paper lantern to decorate and take home
  • Culture, including puppets, embroidery and more
  • Artifacts and explanations of inventions and discoveries that the Chinese have contributed to the world

     The day will close with a lively, noisy and colorful finale celebrating Lunar New Year where 4 participants get to be musicians and 4 get to experience being 2 Lion Dancers.  All others will celebrate in the festivities!  

     At the very end each participant will receive gifts and, for a small optional fee, a traditional "good luck" red envelope filled with a surprise!


For those venues who have a smaller space and/or budget or less time, Patricia offers one-hour workshops solo.

Elements covered include:

  • History & geography
  • Inventions
  • Artifacts
  • Culture - dance, music, embroidery, carvings
  • Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Clothing - sericulture
  • Language

Patricia comes in authentic Chinese clothing and participants will experience the same but smaller Lunar New Year celebration and receive small gifts at the close.