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"Encore! This was the best assembly we've ever had!" - Nancy Rivara, Walnut Hghts. Elementary School, Walnut Creek, CA
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"Many of the students were praising this assembly program long after the show was over. It is obvious that Ms. Shih's songs have meaning...To say that she got our students, teachers and administrators involved and participating would be an under- statement. Everyone left her performance with a smile and student self- esteem seemed to be at a very high level." - Harold Anderson, Udall Middle School, West Islip, NY


"The concert that (Patricia) gave for us...was perhaps the most exciting event that our building has ever witnessed. Ms. Shih possesses that rare and incredible knack for being able to stimulate every member of her audience, be they child or adult...she is truly 'one-of-a-kind!" - Bruce Bider, music teacher, Oaks School 13, Oceanside, NY


"A thousand times BRAVO! What a grand opening to the school year with everyone in the audience totally enchanted and captivated You do have a talent for reaching the youngest and the oldest in our midst..."-- R. Jones, San Francisco Day School


"Within a very entertaining interactive song and performance format, Ms. Shih incorporated many academically valuable concepts including critical thinking skills, memory recall, prediction, and social issues. Her rapport with her audience was outstanding - leading it with great skill and adeptness." - BOCES evaluation from Signal Hill Elementary School, Dix Hills, NY


"...able to hold their attention completely...her usage of real life experiences and humor reach teacher and student alike...exceptional...she really was excellent." - BOCES evaluation, long Beach School District, NY

"Wonderful in every way!"

"Ms. Shih was wonderful in every way. Her knowledge of the characteristics of the age group combined with her musical expertise and performance ability resulted in one of the best programs I've seen for Primary Children. The children had a wonderful experience and were reminded again of social and environmental issues we need to work together to change." - "She's fantastic...my children adore her." - "Children were captivated and involved for 50 minutes of real enjoyment!" BOCES evaluations at North Ridge Elementary School, Commack, NY

"Unique Talent!"

"Patricia Shih is a unique talent - she touches the human spirit with her music and finds the common thread that runs through us all. She is an experience everyone should have." - BOCES evaluation from East Islip School District

"...one of the most popular acts we've had this year. The (high school) students were making rain with their hands for the next two days!" - Dennis Cleasby, School of the Holy Child, Wesbury, NY



"I've never seen the kids enjoy a program as much as yours. Yours had to be one of our most memorable assembly programs. We've never gotten this kind off feedback from parents - the messages they left on my answering machine! Their kids came home LOVING IT" - Bonnie Kole and Vicky Evans, Triangle School, Hillsborough, NJ

"One of the BEST!"

"One of the BEST programs we've had all year!" Rosalie Lefing, Lido Beach Elementary School, Lido Beach, NY


"...outstanding, lively, non-stop performance...the children were singing your songs all day, and...will continue to sing them for some time to come. Your ability to involve all members of the audience (teachers, too!) really added to the fun of your program We received nothing but compliments regarding your presentation." - Anne Zaret, Wm. De Luca Middle School, N. Babylon, NY


"If the concert was to get a grade it would get an A + + +." - student review, PTA newsletter, Auer Elementary School, Lake Grove, NY

"Thank you for performing that excellent, awesome, cool, terrific, gnarly, groovy, perfect concert. I loved your show, it was the best show I've been to in 2 years!" - Your best best best friend, John Phillip R.
"I wish I could see it again and I think it was great. I've never been so happy in my life." - Hugh T.
"I never knew anyone so good as you. I loved all the songs. They were the best songs that I heard from anyone. I showed my songs that I learned to my parents. They were so impressed.. They tried to do it too but they still need more practice." - Tamar M.

Patricia & Friends

"It was the best class trip I've ever been on from first grade to 4th grade. I would like to hear more of your music!...Everything you did was great but I can't list them all because it would be bigger than the world!...But the best best best best part was how you respected all the races! Your songs were so so so wonderful! I was so happy I had butterflies in my stomach. - Bonnie B.


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