Adult Concerts

Appleseeds: The Life, Times and Music of Pete Seeger
A multi-media presentation with live audience participation singing In tribute to the Grandfather of American Folk Music the event includes projected video and still images, recorded narration and song samples from Pete’s extensive catalog, plus a live concert with Patricia and her accompanist Stephen Fricker. In keeping with the spirit of Pete, the audience will be invited to sing along. After the concert Patricia and Stephen will tell short personal stories about Pete along with a slide show, and hold a Q & A as she had known Pete for decades, performing numerous times with him.

The Best-loved Sing-along Folk Songs EVER!
Patricia has gathered her - and perhaps YOUR - favorite sing-along folk songs into one fun and entertaining concert. Joined by the whole audience, Patricia will lead a stroll down Memory Lane and get EVERYONE singing, clapping, and laughing. The songs will be accompanied by brief introductions that will put the songs into historical context, highlighting the social significance of folk music in America from the 1940s to the ‘70s and its role in helping to change our society.

Songbirds: Women in Folk
A multi-media presentation with live audience-participation singing

In this show Patricia highlights five women, all giants in folk music who have influenced generations of contemporary artists: Ronnie Gilbert of The Weavers, Joan Baez, Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary, Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell. Combining projected photos, recorded narration and music Ms. Shih brings the era of the great “folk boom” of the 1950s –70s straight into her listeners’ hearts and minds. Some song samples will be original recordings from the artists themselves, but Patricia sings full versions of these artists’ most beloved songs live. This presentation is lively and spirited, touching on history, biography and music.

Music For The Mind, Heart & Funnybone

Patricia's eclectic style blends folk with jazz, Broadway, classical, rock and country. Her insightful lyrics are concerned with peace, tolerance, the environment, and the rights and dignity of all living things. Ms. Shih moves her listeners to search for common thread that runs through humanity, and to celebrate the differences between us.

Children and Family Concerts

All concerts are heavily spiced with audience participation

Ingredients: fun, movement, sing-along, sign language, theatre, songwriting, props - NO MSG
Flavors: folk, rock 'n' roll, jazz, country, Broadway, blues, world beat
Serves: pre-K through grade 6


In this world of ever-increasing concerns about global warming, violence and selfishness, isn’t it about time for some appreciation for the WONDERFUL things in life? This show gives children the bright side and teaches them to count their blessings and to share in active ways. It spotlights thankfulness and what we can do to better our world for others less fortunate.


Offered only in September and October, this is a great appetizer to start the school year. It features songs about learning how to learn, math, social studies and reading.

The BEST of Big Ideas!

A superb blend of many topics, picking the very best pieces in Ms. Shih's repertoire. Selections will be chosen for their age-appropriateness, intriguing ideas and WOW power.


This peace-provoking concert is always in demand on everyone's plate. How can we learn to deal with a bully non-violently? Are conflicts necessarily solved by fighting? Cooperation, understanding and communication are the key ingredients here.

Big Ideas about CHARACTER!

Character is how you act even when no one else is looking. Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship - the six pillars of character education - are the magic ingredients of this nutritious offering.

Big Ideas about DISABILITIES!

A delicate and sensitive yet fun rendering of the topic that teaches understanding and compassion for those differently-abled, using sign language, movement, theatre, and more. Additional songs about health.

Big Ideas about THE ENVIRONMENT!

A sumptuous feast that asks the audience,"What can each of us do to help make the world a cleaner, safer place for all living things? How are we all a part of the Circle of Life?" Includes bio-diversity, recycling and more.


Deliciously humorous and thought-provoking, this concert shows how there are many different kinds of families. This concert honors each one of us in our family roles and celebrates what "family" is, from the small definition to the global one.

Big Ideas for HALLOWEEN!

Sprinkled with a "scary thunderstorm" created by the audience, this offering consists of songs for and about Halloween, and is flavored with other pieces that express the importance of not judging people from their outside appearances. Hilarious laughter, costumes and props are additional ingredients.

Big Ideas for THE HOLIDAYS!

Seasoned perfectly for the winter year-end celebration of Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa, this extremely popular show sells out every available day in December. Holidays are celebrated from a cultural and historical standpoint. Hysterical laughter and exquisite beauty will be the aftertaste of this winner. BOOK EARLY FOR FOR FIRST CHOICE DATE!!

Big Ideas about KINDNESS!
Learning about hunger, homelessness, compassion and empowerment

Timed to perfection in this sometimes cruel world, this concert had the audience explore some of society's difficult issues and then looks for solutions. Fosters critical thinking and empathy. Thoroughly warmed with gentleness, humor and excitement too!


Exploring the love of reading and learning with joy. Spiced with storytelling and silliness, listeners will explore language, meaning and books, books, books!


A delectable smorgasbord of languages, cultures, and delightful differences are served up piping hot, with a liberal dollop of teaching tolerance. Honoring our similarities while celebrating our diversity.

Big Ideas about SAFETY & HEALTH!
Substance Abuse Prevention, Fitness and Nutrition

Children get to use critical thinking when asked to respond to unhealthy situations and substances.  Songs stress the importance of taking care of our bodies through exercise and healthy food - some kids may even get to be part of the food pyramid!

Big Ideas about WOMEN IN HISTORY!

A delicious selection about wonderful women and girls who have made their mark on the world. Both girls AND boys will love being a part of this show, featuring such heroines as Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Irene Curie and...themselves!

If you don't see something exactly to your taste, let us tailor-make a special show just for your needs. We'll even name this custom concoction after your specific recipe!

A delicious addition

Cooked-up for in-classroom dining

So You Want a Career in Music

Serves grades 5-12

Participants learn what it takes to spend a life making music for a living. Patricia will talk about

working with managers and agents, recording, touring, performing live in front of thousands—the facts, the fun AND the frustrations. Great for all but particularly for those curious about, or aspiring to become, professional musicians. Individual performance coaching may be included.

You Write the Songs!
Serves K-6

Participants will be the sous-chefs under the experienced tutelage of Patricia Shih, to learn the art of writing a group song in one hour. Since time is limited, Patricia will provide the single ingredient of a tune; class will add the meat and spices of the lyrics. Rhyme, meter, scanning, story-line, and more will be taught, as well as the skills of collaboration, cooperation and democratic decision-making. At the end Ms. Shih will record the class singing their song onto a cassette tape for the classroom teacher to keep, and later she will send a spiral-bound book of all songs' lyrics for sharing among other classes.

Let's Go To China!
Serves grades K-adult

A sweet and spicy visit to the world's oldest continuous civilization. This 1/2, hour or two-hour workshop treats the class to the history, language, music, art, geography, and culture of this fascinating country. Very hands-on, participants may get to: use an abacus, the world's first calculator; sample delicacies using chopsticks; make a surprise origami object; learn to read, write, speak and understand Chinese; play a Chinese instrument; learn the riveting history of the world's most populated country; and much, much more.

Teacher Training Workshop
Serves educators/child care providers

Learning is easier with music as a tool. Patricia teaches teachers how to use music in their classrooms to teach academic subjects such as language arts and math, as well as social issues such as non-violence, multiculturalism and more. Handouts, song samples, resources and a great deal of humor make this a delicious addition to a teacher's pantry.

Residencies are multi-day visits where Patricia leads the participants into a more in-depth study about a topic. Very hands-on and participatory with valuable tangible outcomes. Fees and length of residency depend on venue’s budget and needs.

Bullies - The Musical!
Participants will explore the causes of bullying behavior, learn how to recognize abuse, and ultimately how to deal effectively with conflict, the goal being win-win. Patricia will visit each class in one grade level to help them research and write a musical; if time and budget allow, there can also be auditions, rehearsals and an actual school or community theatrical production based on the students' own experiences with bullies. The length and scope of the residency will depend on the size of the grade population and the venue's budget, needs and wants.

From STEM to STEAM: Adding the Arts Component

Immigration - The Musical!

Multiple national award-winning singer-songwriter Patricia Shih offers a new residency designed for grades 4-8 to teach about Immigration in America. Ms. Shih will visit each class in one grade level to help them research and write a musical; if time and budget allow, there can also be auditions, rehearsals and an actual school or community theatrical production based on the students' families' own immigrant ancestor's experience. The length and scope of the residency will depend on the size of the grade population and the school's budget, needs and wants.

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