~ Issue 1: Volume 1 ~

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Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary Declares:

"Pat Shih is an absolutely delightful performer.

Her songs and her voice are true - from the heart."

Pete Seeger Agrees!

"...a very prolific, wonderful songwriter...I'm a lucky musician to live long

enough to see people like you coming along."

Other Artists Support Patricia!

"Your song made me cry..."

-Richie Havens

"Your singing was gorgeous! I love your songs."

-Bonnie Raitt

"Terrific! A great voice!"


"I love your songs...thank you for singing, thank you for keeping music alive."

-Robert Fulghum

"...you are clear and beautiful...we are deeply moved by the beauty of your songs and the clarity of your commitment."

-Dick Roberts Film Co.

The Media Salutes Patricia!


"...quite an original flair...very lovely! A warmth and a sparkle and a wit that's very special."

-Robert Sherman, WQXR FM, NY

"Top Notch"

"Her vivacious personality, keen sense of humor, and socially conscious lyrics won her audience over from her first song...top notch."

-Roy Douglas, Babylon Beacon, NY

"Thoroughly Entertaining"

"Shih is one of the most engaging, emotive, enlightened and thoroughly entertaining vocalists around..."

-Mike Kornfeld, The Long Islander, NY

"A Real Discovery"

"...confident, and filled with messages of life's value...a real discovery."

-Larry Kelp, The Tribune, CA

Oberlin College Considers Shih "A Treasure!"

"I wanted to communicate the deep impression your appearance left with me at Oberlin College. You are a treasure." Tommy Woon, Oberlin, OH

Russians Still Talking About Patricia!

"I can't tell you how perfect you were...you were wonderful and made an enormous impression on the Russians who were still talking about your performance on the way to the airport the following morning...splendid job!"

-Kendall Taylor, Friends World College

Shih Touches The Hearts Of Elmsford, NY!
"...outstanding success...an engaging performer... witty and charming pieces that truly do touch the minds and hearts of all ages. I would recommend her without reservation."

-Madeleine Gutman, Town of Greenburg, Elmsford, NY

Library Patrons Are Crazy Over Patricia Shih!

"Our patrons were extremely happy that they had come and have requested you return again soon. The rapport you build with the audience is quite remarkable..."

-Marilyn Flynn, North Merrick Library, NY

"Many thanks for a wonderful performance... those who came were crazy about you. Almost every one of them made a point of stopping to tell me how much they had enjoyed it."

-Pleasance Coggeshal, Port Washington Library, NY


"I admired so the tenderness of your lyrics and the beauty of your music.You have a very special capacity."

-Seymour Hunter, Manhasset, NY

"You certainly have that inner sight which you share with us and make us want to do more. And you have that joyous light-hearted way of sharing your subjects that makes us want to take the same approach. Thank you for your caring performance."

-Douglas and Julie Crooks


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